HIGH10 Collection x David Drebin

Opening: 26 September 2019, 7 pm // Barlach-Halle K, Hamburg

September 26, 2019 marks the launch of the Hamburg-based art collection HIGH10 as well as its first public presentation – a comprehensive solo exhibition by internationally acclaimed multidisciplinary artist David Drebin (*1970 in Toronto, Canada). At the premises of the historic Barlach-Halle K, the collection presents an overview of Drebin’s work, showcasing a selection of his photographic, sculptural, and neon works.

The Canadian artist is best known for his cinematic, narrative style featuring “femme fatales” in imaginative, dramatic settings, as well as dreamlike landscapes and cityscapes that capture our yearning for faraway places, or mysterious, unexpected encounters. Drebin uses distinctive lighting techniques to capture alluring, magical moments, creating images that are both classic and contemporary. He sometimes works with “repoussoir,” a technique borrowed from art history in which the photographer includes a partial view of houses, buildings, curtains, or door panels to intensify the sense of depth. Light, space, and subject are always masterfully composed in Drebin’s images, whether they are spontaneous or meticulously planned. His neon light installations take up the spirit of his photographs but in words, illuminating the secret thoughts (I Am You and You Are Me, 2014) or comments (Shut Up and Kiss Me, 2015) by Drebin’s female protagonists, as a minimalist yet provocative extension of his oeuvre. A number of playful sculptures (Falling in Love, 2015) take Drebin’s visions from the two-dimensional photograph into the three-dimensional world...

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